Love is Back

Recently, I had an opportunity, along with Mario the Giant, to represent the AMFM crew at the Love is Back festival in Pomona. Not too long ago, I had the serendipitous opportunity of linking up with visual builder/director FLo (FLotographyy), who as it turns out, is a beast on the musical engineering side of life as well. He connected…

fake souls

Fake Souls

aye! since we (our solar system) are shifting into a different much more high vibrational energetically super charged section of the galaxy, the manipulative systems that have been in power for so long are finally being revealed and dissolving, naturally. sooo anyway, i figured i’d unravel a bit more of the spiritual onion, buckle down…

coachella underground

Coachella Underground Interview

Recently A.M.F.M. had a swanged out opportunity to share a bit of ourselves with you via the team at Coachella Underground! Get to know a little more of what i’m about! so enough with the jibba jabba and watch the interview!







ford photo

my television debut

what’s platinum!? recently, i had my first ever official television acting debut appearance. it just so happened to manifest in the form of a national ford commercial…a brazilian one. although it was a tremendous honor to be selected out of thousands, it was bitter sweet because i couldn’t wait to post a link for all…


Showin’ That Love

what’s platinum my humans!? for this blog entry, i figured i’d share the lyrics to my verse on our latest AMFM project: “Showin’ That Love” every now then life gets a lil greasy showin that love man in aint always easy but it’s what we gotta if we tryna clean it car broke down so…


it’s that look!!!

what’s platinum!? been a few turns around the clock huh!? anyway, whether it’s a h8r, a lover, a potential lover, or a potential h8r (or as i like to call em #pot8rs), we can all relate to getting THAT LOOK. it’s been a while since i’ve created a SoCal slapper beat for my fellow humble godz…

sky police album art

Making Magic

greetings from the lab, so together as a team we (A.M.F.M) have been cooking up some magic in the studio lately. i typically work at a very fast pace, but when working alone i can get into the rut of spinning my wheels. so i’ve been learning teamwork mixed with some patience and it’s paying off!…


Giving Thanks

Linking up with the in2it community has proven to be an astronomical experience. Like minded peeps are hard to find in numbers, so it was an honor to encounter so many amazing mirrors and reflections. Our journey together started off with a bang by collectively co-creating a world peace gathering in beverly hills that was brimming…

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 2.58.43 AM

Next Step

Synergy Music and Arts Festival was, for lack of a better word, astounding. It was an incredible honor to perform and meet so many intriguing people. Out of this spawned the next venture: we (A.M.F.M.) have been commissioned by the Crisalida Arts organization in association with the McCallum Theater to write exclusive music for the Lalo…