what’s gueche!? back in this bish. site crash had me burnt, but thanks to some glorious efforts by the team, we are live. been through a grip this past month or two.  moving my fam to a new place takes it’s toll, however, i still managed to get three new songs out. head over to my soundcloud to hear the latest…


‘Finish Him’ the beginning

what’s gueche!? in the united states many of the minority youth have a life of turmoil featuring guns, drugs, domestic violence, and oppression. this manifests in much of the trap style music of todzay as a proverbial “bleeding on the record”, where much of the pain is expressed in a multitude of harsh ways that are…

id art

Sleazee x RowLow – ID

aye! in a parallel universe far into the future, an exquisitely talented creative entity by the name of sleazee and i embarked upon a collaborative journey through dimensions leading to this very present moment.  please join us on an extraordinarily profound sonic journey into the magnificent af beyond…and oh yeah, girl don’t forget yo ID.

love is tr!cky

what’s platinum!? been thinking a lot bout many different aspects of life lately.  love is a subject that has been a challenge for me my whole life. whether it’s relationships, (which involves much of my main mission on this planet) or even my passion (creation).  since a very young age, i’ve been thrust upon my…



as the layers of the proverbial “swang all DzAy breh” onion are ever so slightly peeled, i figured i’d take this time to share some thoughts on the struggle of a troubled female. now this female isn’t a particular person, but more of an archetypal character that is an embodiment of the damage that the…

RowLow logo simple cool balanced

flip it (NEW SWANG)

  greetings from the swang All DzAY universe! so i recently gained access to a new studio, (huge shouts out to DFC) which has helped me gain some traction on the mysterious Jack of Clubs project i’ve been putting together for some time & for your souls. it’s been a challenge exploring the new frontier…

Coachella Magazine

Coachella Magazine

  what’s platinum!? I know it’s a lil late, but i did want to give an astronomical thank you to coachella magazine for writing some spot on words about me and all of the other tremendously talented individuals featured in the magazine. I didn’t think for one minute during my interview with Jorge Perezchica that he was…


Love is Back

Recently, I had an opportunity, along with Mario the Giant, to represent the AMFM crew at the Love is Back festival in Pomona. Not too long ago, I had the serendipitous opportunity of linking up with visual builder/director FLo (FLotographyy), who as it turns out, is a beast on the musical engineering side of life as well. He connected…

fake souls

Fake Souls

aye! since we (our solar system) are shifting into a different much more high vibrational energetically super charged section of the galaxy, the manipulative systems that have been in power for so long are finally being revealed and dissolving, naturally. sooo anyway, i figured i’d unravel a bit more of the spiritual onion, buckle down…

coachella underground

Coachella Underground Interview

Recently A.M.F.M. had a swanged out opportunity to share a bit of ourselves with you via the team at Coachella Underground! Get to know a little more of what i’m about! so enough with the jibba jabba and watch the interview!