what’s platinum!? it’s been a while since i released an electronic music song so i went ahead and did that. this time is a little different though because abby and i spontaneously decided to shoot a video for the track. we did so with masks on while running around downtown palm springs. the entire experience…


awakening code radio (radio debut)

what’s platinum!? thanks to a serendipitous meeting at contact in the desert while i was covering the event for coachella magazine, i was recently presented with a mind blowing opportunity to be live on the air at the awakening code radio show by epic guest host michele anderson & brilliant host eric rankin. the show aired live over…


it’s bigger than hip hop

what’s platinum’!? i recently was given the immaculate opportunity to perform at the McCallum Theater amongst the very talented Indio Teen Center teens whom i’ve been mentoring as part of the East Valley Voices Outloud show that was put on by the Crisalida Community Arts Project. we had a blast. this was the culmination of a two year long community…


let it go

what’s gueche gueche!? recently, i’ve been meditating on what it means to be an independent artist. i came to the realization that generating one’s own music via recording, mixing, “mastering”, creating the cover art, generating merch, initiating collaborations, promoting, and distribution is, at it’s core, deeply satisfying once one realizes that it’s all completed via the…



[THEGREATESTINTERVIEWEVERWRITTEN.COM] what’s gueche bag!? recently, Coachella Magazine caught up with me and delivered an exceedingly spectacular opportunity to my fingertips. this time around, i was honored with the chance to be a contributing journalist by interviewing Joywave. although this is the first time i have exercised my writing in this capacity, applying a little intellective transduction was necessary and proved to be beneficial, as…


Crisalida, ITC & McCallum

what’s populatin!? a few months ago, i was endowed with the honor of providing an ongoing mentorship to the Indio Teen Center by the Crisalida Community Arts Project via a series of workshops. i have compiled a relatively robust series of these workshops pertaining to music, art and the creative process involved to successfully manifest within the…


The RetroWave

so there’s an emerging genre that is close to my heart as it encapsulates the energy of the 80s.  arriving to earth around this time, the energy of this wave of sound definitely takes me back to the knight rider, miami vice, atari, back to the future, nes, E.T., top gun, big hair, cassette tape,…



what’s gueche!? back in this bish. site crash had me burnt, but thanks to some glorious efforts by the team, we are live. been through a grip this past month or two.  moving my fam to a new place takes it’s toll, however, i still managed to get three new songs out. head over to my soundcloud to hear the latest…


‘Finish Him’ the beginning

what’s gueche!? in the united states many of the minority youth have a life of turmoil featuring guns, drugs, domestic violence, and oppression. this manifests in much of the trap style music of todzay as a proverbial “bleeding on the record”, where much of the pain is expressed in a multitude of harsh ways that are…