still rollin

tupac is one of my biggest inspirations and reasons behind my choice to rap. i’m also glad our current rap scene is headed back towards a newer, grittier sound. recently, zak kupcha of circulation media and i finished a new VR music video for my tupac inspired song that i recorded with DGates and Aaron…


Vivo Commercial

splatinum!? not too long ago i acted in a commercial for VIVO. it was a blast. here’s that commercial:

celebrate life

sgueche!? so this week we held the largest #poetsandprovocateurs thus far, we managed to shoot a music video, wrapped the last #chellavision of 2016, and more. i’d like to express sincere gratitude to all of you that have and continue to support a collective progressive vision! we’d love see you at our 1st Annual Creepy Christmas [a…


Sleazee x RowLow – ID [official music video]

Sleazee x RowLow – ID [official music video] Dir. by Zak Kupcha video produced by Circulation Media & Rowland Akinduro Shot & edited by Zak Kupcha Song produced by Sleazee #nurdthug #desertrap #4k #ID       zak kupcha and i have known each other for over twenty years. we recently reconnected again on this…



sgueche!? i’m super pumped to share my talk show debut with you. after many hours of editing we finally have something to share. i want to give a special thanks to abbyz way, john gray, lisa monique, the flusters, adam enrique rodriguez and coachella magazine and the coachella valley art center for making it all…

post white house paradise

barack obamarley

as we say goodbye to america’s first bi-racial president, i felt inspired to create this piece after many years contemplating the facial similarities between these two ethnically diverse iconic characters of african descent entitled: “post white house paradise” ~barack obamarley img_1905


Catch RowLow Live

what’s gueche!? with kids, music, acting, music videos, hosting a talk show, writing, and more, it’s safe to say the past few months has been a whirlwind. needless to say, i have few upcoming dates i think you guys should be a part of #nurdthug