Rowland Akinduro was born in Vienna, Austria on August 15th 1983.

RowLow is an inter dimensional being. it is a galactic activation portal that is here 2 universalize special forms of art & music along with helping to raise the frequency of earth into a positive state. RowLow is a lyrical visionary, music producer, mc, actor, researcher, writer, journalist, philosopher, teacher, locksmith and genius. it is an innovative, progressive thinker and a born entrepreneur that is here to bring the ideas of the future into the present through its work. brilliant is a great way to describe it. born in vienna austria but raised in southern california since the age of 4. RowLow is half austrian and half african during this incarnation.



In the past 6 months, RowLow has accumulated a total of 32.2K plays on soundcloud and over 3,000 downloads. RowLow’s track ‘Regular‘ made it to the top of the Tradiio Hip Hop charts. RowLow’s song #Datass sold over 10K copies in the united states and is available on most media outlets including Spotify. His music has been regularly played in over 50 different countries with an individual exposure rate exceeding 100K.