what’s platinum!? over the course of 4 years, gadmandubs, eric villalobos, and i collaborated on a project for a song that i completely freestyled. my son rayden flexed his martial arts moves and is the true star of this video. many people are familiar with jay-z and lil wayne. these artists pride themselves on “not writing”. i wanted to experience what it would be like if i just went full consciousness stream on a song and released it. gadmandubs subsequently created several remixes of the original song which, imo, were all fire. as eric and i spit balled on the creative direction of the video, i had the idea to put all of the remixes into the music video but each remix gets a verse. the footage in the video captures moments from many different “time” periods. i truly feel this has never been done before quite like this and i am gargantuanly appreciative for the epic collaborative experience that made this a reality. also side note: according to dr. jose arguelles’s translation of ancient mayan texts, i am a white spectral wizard. i resonate with this information. enjoy the video. #nurdthug

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